By Paige Carswell
Staff reporter

Imagine you have some of the worst grades in the school—as a matter of fact, you have close to the worst in school history. Imagine that you can’t quite figure out why, even though you study (kind of, in between the drinking and partying) all summer.

Now, imagine that you finally get a “B” on a paper and expect everyone to bow to you when you walk around campus.

It seems ridiculous if you think about it, but then you remember the football team.

After going 1-9 last year, narrowly escaping the worst record in school history, the team went into this season with hopes of a brighter future. The problem is that you can’t just dream of having a brighter future—you have to make it.

So, perhaps it didn’t make sense at the beginning of the season when there were football players seen drunk on the night before a game, despite their 0-5 record. It probably didn’t make sense, either, that they chose to “celebrate” any losses that were less than 30 points.

Heck, it probably didn’t make sense that they “celebrated” losses that were more than 30 points.

In any matter, that was the football team this season, until they finally won a game. After that, things really went downhill.

Walking around the campus bragging that you “might be able to have a 4-6 record at the end of the season” is absurd, but it’s even more absurd that instead of trying to make yourself better, you would spend your time drinking and weighing down your body for the next game.

Now, if I put myself in the shoes of a football player, I would probably be slightly discouraged. I would probably wonder what it would take to be better and win.

There are players who actually try to make themselves better and focus their efforts to better the team. If I was one of them, I’d be disappointed in some of my teammates.

The players who make people ashamed of Southwestern football are the ones waiting for the next Saturday night to roll around instead of focusing on everything Saturday afternoon. Instead of going over their playbook, they go over to the freshmen women’s dorm.

The players who say “no” to distractions and “yes” to healthy food seem to be a scarcity. There are more who say “Gee, thanks, I’d really like 10 thousand beers after the game I just peed down my leg in.”

Distractions like women and beer are bad enough on the football team, but the worst one I’ve heard is, of course, the strip club.

Two weeks before the season was over, an inspiring senior on the team was informing people how much it costs to get in, how much it costs to ride the “party bus” and how much he had previously spent at the strip club during his tenure as a football player.

It’s innocent, yet raunchy, fun, I suppose.

But, is it really a coincidence that they bombed their last game by 33 points the day before around 30 of the players took a party bus to the strip club?

It doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out that in order to be good, you actually have to put the time in. However since the football team is the best team on campus, I guess certain players don’t feel they have to.

They can squeak by in a few games and then brag about their 3-7 record, and how much better that is than last year, but it doesn’t make them any more credible as a team. Being proud of a 3-7 record is like being proud of getting a “D” in a class. Yes, you’re passing—kind of. No, you aren’t respected—at all.

If the team wants respect from me and others around campus, and actually wants a crowd, then maybe every player should work on earning some fans by pretending to care about the season. Maybe they should stop getting drunk on Friday nights and start trying to figure out why they’re losing games.

Maybe if we had more people who enjoyed playing football instead of just being football players, next season could be fun to watch. But, until then, it’s just a team consisting 80 percent of losers who don’t care that they’re losing.

Paige Carswell is a junior majoring in journalism. You may e-mail her at