By Bria Boykins
Staff reporter

Everybody has dreams of having a job that they would love to do on a regular basis, but most aren’t sure what they have to do to achieve that goal. Many students don’t have a clue on how they will get opportunities such as an internship.

The Chicago Center equips college students and other participants to learn from diverse urban communities through innovative programs, seminars and internships. The Center expands the traditional classroom with community-based, hands on experience.

The Center was founded in 1970, but started at Southwestern in 1989. The Center has extended the classroom walls for students from more than 30 liberal arts colleges and universities by providing opportunities in all academic majors as well as urban teaching and urban social work in Chicago.

The Chicago Center helps students find internships that are in their field of study. The Chicago Center staff will make sure the students placement gives them the experience that will advance, develop, and strengthen their professional skill set. Regardless of your major or career interests, the internship will give you the hands on experience you are looking for.

“Students can expect to get real-life experiences. I thought I was going to be watched all the time, but they really kind of throw you into the system. You get used to the city pretty fast,” said Jack Wimmer, business sophomore.

Phil Schmidt, professor of History, is the person to contact to discuss interests in the program. “One of the requirements you have to meet is being a full-time student in order to enroll through Southwestern,” said Schmidt.

Southwestern has had a few people enroll in the program, like Wimmer and Laura Pennington.

“I would definitely recommend this program to others if you are open to different kinds of situations. You have to have an open-mind with the program. If you have a closed-mind then you won’t enjoy the experience as much,” said Pennington.

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