The Southwestern College cheer squad features nine new freshman and eight returners.

“To me this has been the best squad at Southwestern since I have been here. It is the best squad personality wise and when it comes to giving it their all and putting their effort into it. They really care, genuinely care about cheerleading like I do,” said Alissa Sheppard, communication senior.

Sheppard is not the only one excited about this year’s team.

“This is a very good and athletic team,” said Barbara White, head cheer coach. That athleticism will come in handy. “In cheerleading we do a lot of strength, motivation, conditioning, and personality,” said White.

The effort and team spirit are expected to last all year long.

“I do expect to see the same enthusiasm as the freshman showed me in camp, I want it to last all year around,” said Alicia White, elementary education senior.

The Southwestern cheerleaders will show you their new and motivated squad at their debut Sept. 3 at the SC vs Northwestern College football game.

Kaitlynn Munoz is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at