If you haven’t received a knock at your door, expect one soon.

The housing staff is buckling down this year on students to get their things packed early this year. Health inspections are happening this week, and they will be looking around to make sure everyone has started packing.

Sarah Hallinan, director of residence life said, “We have over 340 students that will be moving out. Final checkout for all hall and apartment living areas will be at 6 p.m. on May 7. As for graduates, they must be checked out 4 p.m. on May 10.”

Students are obligated to set an appointment with their resident assistant or resident director 24 hours in advance. If your RA isn’t available, you are allowed to check out with another RA.

Residence life has posted flyers informing students on how not to lose their housing deposit this year. That list is as follows: Make a checkout appointment at least 24 hours in advance, be ready to check out at the time you signed up for, clean your room, make sure you have all of your belongings and checkout before the halls close.

“You and your things need to be gone by checkout time. If not you will lose your housing deposit. If your room is not cleaned, you will lose your housing deposit. If there is anything left in the room, you will lose your housing deposit,” said Hallinan.

Leadership will be taking donations for furniture. Areas will be set up by the dorm halls or in the halls to place unwanted usable furniture.

Hallinan said, “There will also be a battle of the halls and apartments to see who comes up with the most donated food items.”

Food donation areas will be set up in the dorms and apartments.

For clothing donations, there is a red box located on Main Street in the Chinese Buffet parking lot to donate clothes to Goodwill.

Jasmine Woodfork, early childhood education junior, said, “I have already packed the majority of my things. I just need to take a big bag of clothes down to the women’s center.”

Several students have already started taking items home and packing. Some are just waiting until the last day of finals to cram everything into their vehicle and accidently leave things behind. Whatever the case may be, check out properly to avoid extra charges.