By Morgan Givney
Staff reporter

With a four-day weekend, many students headed home, but some decided to spend their time on campus. Fall break provided many students the opportunity to break free from the monotony of their schoolwork and schedule.

Ricardo Dorantes, physical therapy freshman, spent his break on campus but wasn’t thrilled about doing so. “I couldn’t go home because of soccer, we had practices and a game during the break,” said Dorantes.

Dorantes is from Paris, Texas. The trip home would have been a long one but, that wouldn’t have stopped him if he could have gone. “I can’t wait to go back home,” said Dorantes.

Rachel Busch, secondary education freshman, is one student who made the trip home. Busch drove five hours heading west to get home to Leoti. “I haven’t been home yet this semester, and since I live far away and am involved in cross country I needed a longer break to make it home, and fall break was a good opportunity to do that,” said Busch.

Going home meant more than only spending time with family for Busch. “I brought some laundry with me for my mom, and got to eat some really good food, and found a ton of stuff to bring back to school with me,” said Busch.

Brandyn Willard, physical education sophomore, was one student who was happy to spend his break on campus. “I am glad I’m not going home because I will have more free time, and can spend that time with friends.”

Fall break provided some students the chance to go home and escape the cafeteria food, and also spend time with family. While there were mixed emotions from students who stayed on campus, it seems that everyone used their break in different ways, but still enjoyed the time away from the classroom.

“I definitely needed the break, and can’t wait until the next one,” said Busch.

Morgan Givney is a freshman with an undecided major. You may e-mail her at