By Joshua Eibl
Staff reporter

On Feb. 25, Southwestern College launched a campaign to raise funds for several campus projects, including the DeHaven Center.

The new center will have an area for the football team, coaches’ offices, a locker room, a weight facility and a media center according to Patrick Wagner, vice president for institutional advancement.

“The building will be on the northeast end of the Richard L. Jantz Stadium and will be almost a 15,000 square feet big building,” said Wagner.

James Bauer, assistant coach of the football team, said, “We are closer than we have ever been to getting it going.”

“We will have a new meeting room which we can use before practices and games and where we can go right onto the field,” said Bauer.

Mike McCoy, athletic director, said, “The new building is an incredible legacy and wonderful thing for him because he has done so much and it all started here.”

$9.3 million of the $12 million goal has been raised through the FORWARD / NOW campaign with an estimated year left to meet its goal.

Wagner said, “It’s a comprehensive campaign which includes the DeHaven Center as the biggest one, the learning lab and career center as well as improvements in the dorms with the Wi-Fi upgrades and new carpets.”

“All of our gifts have come from individuals, alumni, friends of the college and a couple of foundations for this and the other projects. It’s an important piece for our recruitment,” said Wagner.

“Despite COVID-19 in the last six to ten months there has really been a strong push to get this to become a reality and we got the most efficient building design,” said Wagner.

It will house an administrative part, a study lounge area for athletes, laundry and a training room. On the opposite side, next to the field, the team room and the weight room according to Wagner. 

“The next six to eight months are really important to us to get to as many people as we can to support us and I’ll be hopeful that we can start the building process sooner than 2023,” said Wagner.