By Katie Vorderstrasse
Staff reporter

Growing up I was just like every other ordinary kid. I would wake up and run to the living room to see if the Easter bunny had came the previous night. After gathering all the chocolate bunnies and eggs my family and I got ready for church. We would dress in our nicest outfits. At church I got to color the cool coloring pages. I never really understood the real meaning of Easter until I got older.

As years passed my family began to spend Easter with our distant relatives. Most of my relatives are from Nebraska. Each year we would either drive there or they would travel to our house. After church service, they would prepare large amounts of food. It was always nice to getting the chance to spend quality time with the whole family.

However, Easter is much more than chocolate eggs, and special food. The true meaning of the holiday would be that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for us. Through that process we have been washed away from our own sin and forgiven.

Katie Vorderstrasse is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at


By Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

Easter was a time of waking

up and seeing a big colorful basket near my bed. Soccer balls, chocolate eggs, yellow and purple peeps outstanding on top of everything.

As a child, I always liked Easter because of the so-called bunny and his gifts. It was a day where I ate all the candy I had, my attitude was unstoppable. All the sugar made me turn hyperactive and yell. Running and playing with my cousins until it was the time of hiding the eggs.

“Ya vengan a buscar los huevos,” where the words my aunt yelled meaning come to look for eggs.

I remember always having family reunions and parties on the Sunday of Easter. There was abundance of food in the table. All different kinds of desserts where placed as well as drinks. Easter is simply one of the three favorite holidays of my childhood, the others still being Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Besides of all the food and sweets I ate, I also had a week without of school. The ‘Easter-vacations’ we were given where really good. I remember those days where I was enjoying all week in bed watching television and the Easter specials.

Easter is a wonderful Holiday and is not only about the food and the bunny, but the true significance of the resurrection of Jesus.

Angel Vadillo is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at