Shawn Knepper
Staff reporter

Time for finding jobs and building a life after college may seem to be a heavy task. We endlessly try time and time again to procrastinate or just feel very insecure about taking on those steps to move beyond. Alex Muñoz, director of career services, has now made it his new mission to help students build the skills necessary when interviewing for jobs.

“There’s a few small things that we’re putting together until the Career Center is totally finished, but it is totally functional now. As far as meeting with students, I’ve already met them three weeks before the semester began.” Said Muñoz.  “There were student who were staying over the summer, so I was able to meet some of them. The settling process has been very well and we’re underway.”

One of the best things so far for Muñoz is the positive reactions of the new center and how many students have been able to utilize the center. “One of the big things I was very worried about was that I was trained for Career Services, but not at higher education institutions. It was me growing into this new setting and the fact that I’ve actually had more students visiting me saying that they definitely need this has been very rewarding for me,” said Muñoz. Muñoz has also stated that anyone of any grade are encourage to stop by as should they ever seek any guidance.

The Career Center contains room with adjustments for any study event or seminars to convey anything suited for all participants. There are two conference rooms for group meetings, study sessions and monitors with built in cameras used for professional Skype interviews.

With that in mind, Muñoz has stated that in regards of any student’s career, “It’s never too early to start thinking about your career. I have a son who is going into middle school this year and we’re already talking about career stuff. The earlier you start thinking about it, the more time you have to explore and there is an exploration process to make and form decisions.”

Muñoz makes it his goal this year to see how many students are willing to take the chance to start formulating ideas of what they should do to prepare outside the real world in regards to building their resumes, reaching out for employment or building their own confidence and skill that will prepare to get the job.

You can reach Muñoz in person by meeting is office down in the Career Center, located in the Deets Library, or you can make an appointment at to book in.