By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

After her battle with cancer, Sandee McDade walks the track everyday at 7 a.m. to keep in shape.

Sandee McDade attended Southwestern College from 1973-1975 as an education major. In the past couple of years, she reconnected with Southwestern when they inducted Paul Steele into the Southwestern Athletic Hall of Fame in 2018, where he graduated in 1985.

Joe Wood, head women’s soccer coach, said, “We met when she was walking the track to work on getting in shape after beating cancer. We had practices in the morning, and I caught her, and I asked her how she was doing. We then would say hi every day.”

After Wood and Sandee talked more, the team learned more about her, and they all would say hi, which led to her chatting it up more with the entire team, which then led to her finding out when games were and supporting them.

Ashley Carrillo, biology senior, said, “She texts me and invites me to go places. She is the person in Winfield that I know that I can go to.”

Carrillo said, “She one time came up to me after a random game and said she knows my grandfather because he cut her hair. She said that I look just like a Carrillo. I now I call her my adoptive grandma.”

Carrillo’s grandfather cuts Sandee’s hair and has been for years.

Her favorite thing from retirement is that she has to do something she has never had the time to do.

She was asked to help set up Serendipity School at Winfield State Hospital for the mentally and physically disabled residents from ages 1-21, along with four others from the community.

The professor that influenced her the most at Southwestern is Ed Foster.

McDade said, “He not only taught me about being a teacher, but to be a kind and caring person. He also taught me how to teach my patients their exercise programs. He was such a good person.”

People typically see her at SC home games for all sports to support her fellow Builders.