Ablel Gebreselase, history sophomore, studies in the library. The library received upgrades including new study spaces. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Beech 207 features a whole new classroom space. The upgraded room includes a frosted glass door splitting the classroom, a modern patterned carpet and new tables with wheels. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)This is one of the many new Zoom Conference setups across campus. The library has gotten a large conference room that is used for Zoom meetings and math tutoring. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)John Le, marine biology senior, studies in the new Beech 207 space. Many students have reacted positively to the upgrade in Beech. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Two new 86 inch TVs and cameras await installment in Wroten and Mossman 108. Similar upgrades have been installed in Christy and Darbeth previously. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A Logitech camera on a tripod sits patiently for its next use. Due to COVID and other social distancing regulations, cameras were placed in various classrooms for remote learning through Zoom. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The new library upgrades features a space for career advancement. The Career Center was installed in the Deets Library, across from the Stir & Bustle coffee shop. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Beech 207 includes a new smart board for live annotating your computer screen and PowerPoint presentations. It has been used for a multitude of classes including science and communication oriented courses. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Taylor Rodriguez
Staff reporter

As I’m sure many have noticed by now, there are various tech upgrades across campus both in and out of the classroom.

In Beech, an entire classroom was renovated to a more modern and versatile space. Featuring multiple screens of 60-80 inches, wheelable desks and chairs and Zoom compatibility, Beech 207 is ahead of the curb with these new implementations.

The same goes for the Career Center in the library. They provide services for career prep, advancement and even provide resources to help you out with your resume.

The Career Center also includes two conference rooms, one with Zoom compatibility available for students and staff. Study sessions and tutoring take place in these rooms.

The Career Center was installed in the Deets Library, across from the Stir & Bustle coffee shop. Be sure to give it a visit if you haven’t seen the upgrades.

As the semester goes on, more upgrades will appear in other classrooms. Mossman 108 and Wroten Hall being the next two to receive 86 inch screen upgrades from projectors.

New network upgrades, technology replacement and improved learning spaces. There is a lot going on at Southwestern. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the coming months.