By Josh Hall
Staff reporter

In efforts to help resolve the climate and energy crisis, the world wide rally known as Moving Planet begins in five days. One hundred and sixty two countries around the globe will be walking, biking, skating, and simply using any other means of transportation not supported by fossil fuels with demands for a cleaner environment to make a difference, and Winfield is included.

Rick Cowlishaw, assistant professor of biology, has been a large supporter and is one of the main organizers of the march held in Winfield starting at Memorial Park and ending at the new wind turbine recently built on the campus soccer field. Cowlishaw’s planning began only three weeks ago spawning from an email he received concerning the event.

“It’s a way to have a rally about real solutions to our climate and energy crisis,” said Cowlishaw when asked about the purpose of the march. “It’s not like we need to re-invent things. It’s already there. We just need to use it.”

Our country, as well as several others around the world, uses massive amounts of energy resources that are harmful to the environment even though most are aware of safer alternative resources. The use of these resources is part of the march’s demands.

Students are also aware of the situation well. Kevin Rodgers, physical performance senior, said that he had found the Moving Planet event on one his friend’s Facebook pages and decided to attend. When asked about the benefits of a student attending Rodgers said, “It’s a way to make it aware to the community that there are ways to help out to make the world a better place. There’s a chance it might not be a good enough help, but it’s a stepping stone to making something better.”

Cowlishaw also has a similar view on the effectiveness of the march. “It will affect change locally and generate awareness. It’s all about generating awareness,” said Cowlishaw.

He also said that event is a wakeup call. “If we subsidize natural energy the way we subsidize oil there wouldn’t be a problem,” said Cowlishaw.

The event date is set for Saturday, Sept. 24 and anyone can attend. More information on the Moving Planet march can be found at or

Joshua Hall is a communications junior with an emphasis in film study from Woodbridge, Virginia. You may email him at