By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

Despite the rain, students still came out to participate in the Scottish Highlander Games organized by Lucas McConnell, religion and philosophy senior, April 13.

Students were not only able to experience Scottish-based sports but at the same time, helped the local food pantry indirectly. McConnell said that there were two targets behind the whole event. “The first target it the money and the second target is for the campus to have fun,” said McConnell. “It’s an event for the Winfield food pantry but better for the fellowship.”

McConnell organized the event as part of his Discipleship senior project. Participants were charged a $5 fee that goes to the Winfield Food Pantry. Through donations and participation fees, the event successfully raised $126.

Four events were carried out that is the caber toss, weight for distance, braemar stone throw, and Scottish hammer throw.

Surprisingly, females also participated in the rather masculine sport. “It is a very testosterogenous event but it is fun to have everybody out,” said McConnell when asked about the surprising turn out of female participants. “It took a little encouragement but I was surprised at the turn out and I am very happy.”

Attendees commended the event not only for its charitable cause but also for the fun that comes along with it. Kyle Just, physical education senior attended the event. He said, “It was well put together and it was just a lot of good fun.”

Dave Glasgow was invited to show participants proper methods of the games. Glasgow actively participates in Scottish Highlander Games around the state. He said, “The kids were really attentive and really wanted to learn, and I appreciate that.”

McConnell looks forward to making this an annual event in the future.

Jonathan Woon is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at