ABOVE: Happy Ndiho, sophomore majoring in business administration, puts out newly planted orchids for walk-in sales. The greenhouse is home to 1,500 different orchids and a variety of bedding plants. (Cale Eirich/Staff photographer)

By Cale Eirich

With spring in full bloom the Ruth Warren Abbott Greenhouse has opened for business this past week. The greenhouse has 1,500 different species of orchid including phragmipediums and Australian Dendrobiums, as well as a wide variety of bedding plants. All flowers and plants on display in the greenhouse are available for purchase via walk-in or inquiry if you are looking for a particular type of orchid.

Phalaenopsis Orchid, a low-light orchid that grows best at an east window of a building.
White Phalaenopsis Orchid, these flowers are also known as 'moth orchids' because they resemble a moth in flight.
Happy Ndiho, sophomore majoring in business administration, brings newly planted flowers into the greenhouse.
Lady Slipper Orchid, are recognized by their slipper shaped pouches. These pouches are used to trap insects.
The Ruth Warren Abbott Greenhouse is comprised of two separate greenhouses that are around 3,000 sq. ft.
Ndiho walks through the large greenhouse planting a wide variety of flowers that are for sale.
The greenhouse is home to 1,500 varieties of orchids.
Ndiho prepares flowers for walk-in sales during the opening week of the spring.
Along with the multitude of orchids, the greenhouse is home to a variety of bedding plants that are also for sale.