The afternoon of Oct. 5, Nathan Morrison, athletic training senior, and his family were struck with news nobody should ever hear. His parents Mark and Deborah Morrison were in automobile accident that claimed their lives.

In reaction to this tragedy our campus united. People were compelled to take action. At 9 p.m. Oct. 5, the evening after the car accident students and faculty joined at the Mound to pray. During chapel on Wed., Oct. 7, Rev. Ashley Alley gave her sermon on the topic of grief, in respect to the Morrison family. The campus reached out to the Morrison family. It was a sweet experience watching those who hardly knew the Morrison family, bow their heads in prayer and tears or give a loving message of kindness during chapel. Yet bitter because as I was seated in chapel sorrow swirled around me and I couldn’t stop the record in my mind from spinning its message. “This isn’t right. In what twisted world could his family benefit from this? Where’s the reason?”

I have strong faith that everything happens for a reason, that there is a meaning and a lesson behind everything that happens. The difficult part is not questioning this faith or the powers that be when something agonizing happens. Whether you believe in the man upstairs or not, we turn to some higher being in times of need.

This is a time of need.

How do you keep faith when you are blinded from the reason? It becomes a battle, a frustration, a horrible aching in your heart from the word “why?” Why is this happening? Why now? How can we say everything is going to work out? That seems so delusional. We don’t know. We don’t even know what we are going to cook for dinner. How can we be so sure that this loss has a purpose? It seems so naive sometimes. But what else can we do but give our worries to God and hold strong to our faith. For this is a burden not meant for our shoulders and bearing it will only cripple us.

This is a trial of faith, for anyone touched by the news. The fact of the matter is nobody knows ‘why?’ this happened and sometimes we’re not meant to know the answer. As curious creatures not knowing the answer only aggravating to us, but we must let go of the aggravation. Let go of the worry.

However, when there is an answer, it is never placed neatly before you, but is discovered as you continue your journey through life, so keep going. We must keep searching for truth in times of confusion. Especially in times of mourning, when it hurts the most, we must push through the pain, because it will make us stronger. Clarity will come with time. Validity will enter your heart and mind when you are open to it. But it is not always a happy voyage—patience, faith and love will be at your side to guide you, if you let them.

But we are lucky. For being a member of the SC family means, when you fall you are embraced by a hundred compassionate hands. At what other college would so many gather for the sake of one student? Tell me. I challenge you to show me a college with more heart than SC.

I still wonder why it takes a death, birth or wedding for us to gather, and appreciate one another; to show our loved ones that they mean so much to us. It shouldn’t be this way. We should beam love, we should glow compassion and it should radiate on to others. Love should be a daily occurrence. Ask yourself, do you love whole heartedly? In these times of grief we must re-evaluate the way we live and the way we show our love—for we don’t know what lies ahead. Next time a friend needs someone to confide in, give your undivided attention, because Facebook and outlook will always remain but a single fleeting moment to show someone you love them is gone in an instant. For in life, love is the most powerful tool we have been given. Why don’t we use it more often?

Pour your heart into every relationship, no matter how many times in the past you’ve been burned. Call your grandparents, or an aunt you haven’t spoken with since your family reunion two years ago. Reach out. What do you have to lose? For you have everything to gain. Hold tight to your loved ones. Show them in each and every way that you love them and you are there for them. Just stop! Stop with your rushing around, your worrying, your agenda, just stop. Now give! Give everything to those you love.