By Joshua Eibl
Staff reporter

Events at Southwestern College are mainly impacted by COVID-19 this semester. This development also doesn’t hold back from the Jantz Stadium.

“Under the current regulations every student will be allowed two family spectator passes during the Fall 2020 season,” said Mike McCoy, athletic director.

The County health department only allows 750 people in the stadium at the moment which includes both teams, staff, trainers or administrative plus the officials, game day staff and dance and cheer team according to McCoy. “There is only room for 300 to 400 fans and also the first 150 students with a valid student ID and mask will be allowed into the Jantz stadium,” said McCoy.

No visiting fans are allowed this season due to the COVID-19 circumstances.

In addition to that are the teams and referees getting checked on a game day which includes temperature and symptoms checks. The visiting team is supposed to check their student-athletes’ health on their end before they leave their hometown according to Lock Schnelle, head athletic trainer.

“We also have to sterilize the locker rooms and facilities in general before and after the game,” said Kyle Pond, men’s soccer head coach.

The portable toilets next to the stands are also used by the visiting team to make sure that the teams have as little contact as possible according to McCoy.

“Another precaution we are taking is the disinfection of the turf,” said McCoy.

Our trainers take care of our players and the officials on a game day and they will only check the opponent players if their school is not sending down a trainer with them according to Lock Schnelle.

The protocol states that the visiting team should be screened before they go on the bus.

“I would rather have our athletic trainers running that show because we have really good athletic trainers,” said McCoy.