Above: Folk singer-songwriter Juni Fisher performs at the 2016 Walnut Valley Festival. (Contributed photo)

By Lauren Sieh
Staff reporter

In approximately two weeks, the Walnut Valley Festival will be in full swing. The Walnut Valley Festival revolves around bluegrass music, and many are at work setting up for it.

Rick Meyer, native of Winfield, is working to help set up for the festival.

Meyer said, “It takes about three weeks to set up.”

Over the weekend, workers were helping with line-up, assisting the campers in finding a place to stay. Many campers were already set up and ready for the festival, with some still arriving.

One camper already set up was Mick Brazeal. Brazeal is a man that loves to travel, actually living out of his camper. He has been camping out at the Walnut Valley Festival for 14 years.

While camping out for the festival, Brazeal loves playing music and hanging out with friends most, he said. Instead of spending his time around the grand stands, Brazeal said he prefers to play his own banjo music with other campers.

The Walnut Valley Festival will take place from Sept. 13-17. More information about the festival can be found at wvfest.com.

Lauren Sieh is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at lauren.sieh@sckans.edu.