By Bradley Cagle
Staff reporter

Lillian Grisso, psychology freshman, is from Murrieta, California. In addition, she is also a midfielder on the Southwestern College woman’s soccer team.

It is always a big deal when moving into college for the first time, especially if it’s a move from California.

“It’s a pretty rough adjustment, just because it is so different than what I have grown up around, but I’ve really enjoyed it so far,” said Grisso about moving to Southwestern.

Outside of playing soccer and getting school work done, Grisso enjoys going to the beach and hanging with her friends.

She said she doesn’t get a lot of free time while here in Kansas. However, when she does she spends it with friends or going through her Instagram, which is her favorite form of social media to use.

When finished with school, Grisso plans on becoming a therapist.