Ethan Randolph, senior forward passes the ball to James Davis, senior guard, before an opponent crashes into him. (Jonathan Woon/Collegian photographer)

By Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

Wanting to recover from their loss at Tabor Saturday, the Builders hosted the Sterling College Warriors on Jan. 26. The Warriors arrived with a record of 11-11 overall and 6-4 in the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference.

It was not an easy game for the Builders, who at the end finished with the victory 70-67.  From the very first minute, the game was fast paced and physical.

“We played together and for each other,” said Matt O’Brien, head men’s basketball coach. “Team work was the key factor tonight for the victory.”

The first five men to step in the court for Southwestern were James Davis, senior guard, Ethan Randolph, senior forward, Chris Nelson, senior forward, Jared Irvin, senior guard, and Michael Morales, junior forward.

The game started with the jump ball won by Sterling whom scored on the first play. The first minute of the game was Sterling’s possession. The first minute passed and the Warriors were up 5-0. Randolph scored the first two-pointer for the Builders.

Irvin said, “We played with intensity just like every game and everything else fills in the play.”

Koury Clayton, junior forward, came from the bench scoring four consecutive baskets. Clayton and Randolph finished with 17 points. R.J. Jarrett, senior guard, followed with 11 points. Ten minutes into the first half, the scoreboard showed the Builders down 21-17. The Builders attempted 11 three-point shots and made four of them.

Clayton made a magnificent dunk to push the score closer 23-21 and one minute later, at the 7:32 mark, the Builders took the lead 24-23. The first half finished with the Builders ahead in the score by 39-38.

The Builders started the second half focused and ready to play. Five minutes into the half, the score marked 51-47 in favor of the Builders. The rest of the second half was a back and forth game.

The Builders had a three-point lead and the ball was in the Warrior’s possession with two seconds left. The game finished 70-67 for the Builders.

“We went over a lot of sets and drills knowing we were going to play this team,” said Blake Nachbor, sophomore guard.

The victory puts the Builders record at 19-3 overall and 9-2 in the KCAC. The Builders will hit the road to face University of Saint Mary on Jan. 26.

Angel Vadillo is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at