Karina Davila
Staff Reporter

Dalton Swindale, junior wide receiver, struggles to get by his opponent. (Gabby  Gamez/Collegian photographer)

Dalton Swindale, junior wide receiver, struggles to get by his opponent. (Gabby Gamez/Collegian photographer)

It was the first home game of the season for Builder football when team played against Concordia University (Neb) where they fell to the bulldogs 31-10.

In the first quarter the Builders were the first ones to put numbers up on the board when Mario Esparza completed a 19 yard field goal. The Builders then scored a touchdown and the score was 7-0. With only 1:55 left to go in the first quarter Concordia made a 20 yd pass into the end zone. The score was 10-7 Builders.

Within the first few seconds of the second quarter Concordia made a 28 yard field goal tying the score 10-10. The score remained tied until the fourth quarter as the momentum slowed down throughout the game.

Tomunci Whitfield, sophomore cornerback said, “I feel like they just wore us down, we made mistakes because of fatigue and we will have to fix that next time we get back on the field,”

The Builders continued to fight, despite their best efforts the Bulldogs scored three more touchdowns ending the game at 31-10.

Despite the fact that the teams defense was constantly out on the field there were multiple injuries that impacted the team.

Robert Hernandez, senior defensive end said, “Everyone is needed at this point, I mean we don’t have a very big team so we need everybody that we can get, we need everybody to contribute so injuries are a big impact especially in moral,” Although the team is short in numbers and injuries are a huge factor they are already looking forward to improving in next week’s game.

LeKendrick Jordan, senior linebacker said, “We expect to see better execution on both sides of the ball. We will work hard to get better as a team, were going to have better attitudes, better work ethic. This loss hurt, but instead of turning ourselves down we are going to build up on it,”

The Builders will play again at 6:00 p.m. on Sept. 19 at home against McPherson College.

Karina Davila is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at karina.davila@sckans.edu