By Kaitlynn Munoz
Staff reporter

On Sunday, men’s soccer traveled to Salina to play against Kansas Wesleyan, who has an 11-3 season record. After letting them score four points in the first half, the Builders then let the Coyotes score six more points in the second half. “We just needed better second and third man runs, and moving off the ball better,” said Josh Buller, freshman midfielder.

“If we work harder and stay in it and put up a well fought game we will have these games,” said Austin Sacket, junior midfielder.

The Builders will be getting ready to do a different formation due to the McPherson game. They are ready to get off the losing streak and get a win this weekend.

“For the next game we have looked at our scouting report change. We are also going to adjust to what they do, going to prepare for what they do, and get ready for their kind of formation,” said Ruben Sanchez, head coach.

Our 4-12 Builders soccer team will be taking on the McPherson Bulldogs at home at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

Kaitlynn Munoz is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at