Cameron Hunt, sophomore guard, shoots a free throw to help knock down Tabor. (Garrett Chapman/Collegian Photographer)
Cameron Hunt, sophomore guard, holds the ball to close out the game. (Garrett Chapman/Collegian Photographer)
Jacob Horsch, junior guard, awaits an inbound pass. (Garrett Chapman/Collegian Photographer)
DJ Wallace, junior guard, blocks a shot from Tabor. (Garrett Chapman/Collegian Photographer)
Barrington Hunter, freshman guard, and Greg McCoy, sophomore forward, attempt to get open for an inbound pass. (Garrett Chapman/Collegian Photographer)


 The Men’s Basketball team left Stewart Fieldhouse with a huge win Thursday night. They beat number one Tabor 90-79. With this victory the builders improve to 11-8 in the KCAC, it also propels them into fourth place.

Cameron Hunt, sophomore guard, led the team with 23 points and five assists. DJ Wallace, junior forward, and Barrington Hunter, freshman guard, both grabbed seven rebounds. Wallace also led the team with seven assists.

“To win a close game against number 23 in the nation gives us a lot of confidence. The best thing about this win is we were able to stay focused even when shots weren’t going down at the free throw line,” said Matt O’Brien, head coach.

The Builders will return to the court in Wichita on Saturday. They will tip off at 7 p.m. at Friends Feb. 11th.

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