By Daniel Van Sickle
Staff reporter

The Men’s basketball team lost Thursday to the Bluejays of Tabor College with an excruciatingly close score of 80-76 in Hillsboro. The lead changed several times during the game.

According to Tyler Shirley, senior guard, the game had many ups and downs but overall the team played well. Cameron Clark was the lead scorer with 23 points along with the highest number of rebounds at 13.

This was the Builder’s first match this season against the Bluejays. Now that they have played a hard match against Tabor, Tyler Shirley is hopeful that next time the results may be different. “We now know what they are capable of and how dangerous some of their players are. Hopefully by knowing their personnel better, we can do a better job defending them next time around,” Shirley says.

The next builder basketball is at home on Saturday at 7 p.m. against Ottawa.

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