By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

This match was originally scheduled for Oct. 3, but was postponed to due coronavirus concerns by the Builders. Football had three other games postponed due to the pandemic.

Brad Griffin, head football coach, said “I think overall, so far, we have done a good job with it. We have older guys, so that helps a lot. They’ve played a lot and have been around the program a long time. A lot of those guys have been through a lot of stuff so I think that’s helped us with just our seniority. We kind of put it out there at the beginning of the year that there’s going to be games cancelled potentially, but overall, I think that our guys have handled it as best as they can.”

Tylor Morehead, junior defensive lineman, said “The team has handled (the adversity) really well. We understand that COVID is a big deal. When one of our games gets postponed of course we’re upset but we just keep our heads high and start focusing on the next week.”

Both teams come into the match being undefeated. Bethel is 5-0 in conference play and 6-0 overall while the Moundbuilders are 4-0 in both conference play and overall. They are the only two teams left in the KCAC that are undefeated.

The Builders were supposed to host the Sterling Warriors last week, but the Warriors decided against it. Instead, the coaches and administration decided to put on a scrimmage for Purple vs. Grey.

Bethel is No. 1 in the nation for scoring. Among their impressive stats they have 56.5 points a game, a total scoring offense of 339 points and a rushing offense of 419 yards a game on average.

Southwestern is second in the nation in pass efficiency and sixth in scoring with 46.8 points per game. They average a 508.3 yards a game. Also, they boast a rushing offense of 250 yards per game.

Griffin said, “This is the same Bethel team we’ve played for the past couple of years, same coaching staff, a lot of the same players, since we are very familiar with what they do, they are executing at a very high level right now, so the things we have to do are be sound defensively, everybody has their responsibilities they have to take care of.”

Defensively, the Threshers are first in the nation in sacks sixth in total defensed yards with 253.7 yards a game.

The Builders defense is fourth in the nation with a rushing defense of 79.5 yards a game.

Morehead said, “Just to stay mentally in the game and to do your job. Bethel runs a untraditional offense that you see at the college level so we really have been focusing on everyone just doing their part and their job and not being selfish.”

Southwestern special teams is No. 2 in punting with a 41.3 average.

Griffin said, “They move around a lot and the thing about Bethel both offensively and defensively, they’re not traditional. They don’t do things that you see weekly.”

The Builders top players are Keyshawn Wyatt, senior running back, Brad Cagle, senior quarterback, Terrell Lightfoot, junior wingback, Keyshawn Jones, junior wingback, Freddy Botello, junior kicker, Caleb Helsley, sophomore linebacker, Darren Hicks, junior defensive lineman, and Delaun LeFlore, junior defensive back.

The Builders will be looking forward to the challenge of the Threshers in the NAIA Game of the Week.