Above: Students gather on the Wallingford Lawn to paint rocks for their organizations during the rock painting party. (Hanna House/Staff Photographer)

The week after Builder Camp was filled with activities for the freshman to participate in to get to know the campus and to have fun and meet more people the week before classes started. Events included a Tie Dye event, workshops for college essentials, orientations, a movie on the lawn, and even a free movie day at the Cowley Cinema 8.

Makala Canada, health science freshman, uses colored dye on a pair of socks at the Tie Dye Fun event as a part of Builder Fest. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Lindzey Butler, music freshman, and Marlee Gaddie, communication freshman, color their shirts at the tie dye event. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
A group of freshmen listen to instructions from Craig Lantz, computer science junior, before starting the process to tie dye their shirts. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
The softball team poses with their finished rock at the rock painting event during Builder Fest. Sports teams and various student activities come to the rock painting event each year to paint rocks that will be thrown in the Mound at the annual Moundbuilding Ceremony. (Hanna House/Staff Photographer)
Jessica Watkins, freshman, and Allie Flinn, early childhood education senior, carry the softball rock to a tarp to dry. (Hanna House/Staff Photographer)
Matt Porter, music theatre sophomore, Austin Davis, SC grad '16, Tanner Schartz, music theatre freshman, and Shawn Knepper, music freshman, play the second part of a multi-part drum rhythm from Africa during Builder Fest's Sing n' Drums event. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Joe Giat, music education freshman, Stephen Gehly, theatre performance senior, Jay Buffum, business sophomore, and Aidan Wells, music freshman, hold up the heartbeat of the African melody during the Sing n' Drums event. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Jeremy Kirk, director of bands and percussion, and Brian Winnie, director of choral activities and voice, lead music students and guests in a 3-part drum rhythm that fits in with a traditional African song during Builder Fest. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Students gather on the east side of campus for the "Keeping the Spirit" event as Dan Falk, dean of students, explains the tradition. Several freshmen and a few upperclassmen attended the event to help repaint the rocks that create the SC on the hill. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
President Andrews talks with a freshman student during the "Keeping the Spirit" event. Keeping the Spirit was meant to bring back a nearly 100-year-old SC tradition of painting the SC rocks on the side of the hill on the east side of the soccer practice field. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Several sports teams came to the event to support the tradition, build team relationships, and to lend a helping hand in painting the rocks white again. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Jaime Davison, religion and philosophy sophomore, and Victoria Lybarger, elementary education sophomore, lead worship at the welcome back chapel before the first day of classes. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Jaime Davison, religion and philosophy sophomore, Victoria Lybarger, elementary education sophomore, and Greg Reffner, religion and philosophy senior, share joy and praise during the closing song of the welcome back chapel. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)