By Hayley Weston-McClain
Staff reporter

Builder volleyball came back with a vengeance against Bethany, but the Ladies lost to the Swedes in the fifth game after playing neck and neck every game. They lost the first game 25-20 and then came back to win the next two games 26-24, and 25-17. They lost the fourth game 25-20. After taking 8-6 lead in the fifth game, they lost 15-12.

Donnie Wallace, head coach, said they came out with energy and passion to play tonight. “They looked like they were actually having fun and they were smiling.”

The team has changed things up lately by transforming their offense, and moving Kaitlynn Munoz, sophomore defensive specialist, to the libero position. Jordan Stalder, senior outside hitter, said, “The switches brought a new life to the team, and we’re playing harder.”

Blaire Miller, freshmen right side, said that in order to improve the team needs to work on consistency and playing smarter.

Stalder said, “We need to continue to work hard and get the reps in.”

Volleyball team will play Bethel College in North Newton at 7 a.m. on oct. 10.

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