The men’s soccer team faced McPherson College Wednesday and remained unsuccessful throughout the game. The Builders were defeated 5-0 by the Bulldogs.

“Obviously we are pretty disappointed and I think we were just as good as the other team,” said Ian High, junior defender. “We just didn’t show it that night. They were pretty close to how we expected them. I thought the scouting report was pretty accurate. We just came out too soft and dug ourselves in a hole early and weren’t able to get out of it.”

The Builders are now 1-6-1 in Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference and 5-11-1 overall.

High said the team lacked intensity, but was able to hang with the Bulldogs once the team got rolling.

Connor McGoldrick, freshman defender said he was disappointed about the game and how the team played, but said he believed the team could have hung with McPherson.

“To be successful we could have played more offensively and less defensively,” said McGoldrick. “And not come out flat like we did in the beginning.”

The Builders will travel to their last regular season game and face the University of St. Mary’s Saturday.

“I think we just need to practice and get mentally focused for the game against St. Mary’s,” said McGoldrick.

High said, “I believe it’s going to come down to how bad we want it and how hard we are willing to work for it.”

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