By Avree Sheppard
Staff Reporter

Southwestern takes defeat to the McPherson Bulldogs Saturday night. With a final score of 40-21, Ken Crandall, head football coach, said, “McPherson came out ready to play a good game.”

Although the Bulldogs had big plays in the third quarter, the Moundbuilders didn’t give up. “Saturday night’s loss was not to be blamed on offense or defense,” said Crandall. “It just took offense a little while to find their rhythm at the beginning of the game.”

Branden Davis, senior, who had 10 tackles, 4 solos and 1 assist, played a great game. Cj Marple, senior, and Anthony Sims, freshmen, also had a good game.

With a total of 83 yards and one touchdown between the two of them, the Builders had some drive in them to keep playing. “McPherson was a good match up,” said Crandall.

Next Saturday’s match up will be against the Sterling College Warriors, held at the Jantz Stadium. Crandall believes the line up with the Warriors will be either a hit or miss. Both the Warriors offense and defense are expected to do significant work.

With both teams having a conference record of 1-1, the Builders and the Warriors will be a great game to see. After an upset to the Bulldogs, a great line up between Southwestern and Sterling College, may be what the Builders need to keep the momentum going.

Avree Sheppard is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at