By Jacob Jimmerson
Staff reporter

It was a shocking scene at Richard L. Jantz Stadium Saturday. The Builders stunned the No. 3 team in the nation Tabor, 27-6. The Builders were 42 point underdogs and managed to amaze the nation in a dominate fashion.

Ken Crandall, head football coach, was happy and proud of his team. Crandall said, “The defense was just amazing today. The offense did a great job of keeping the defense off the field and that helps a lot. We really just played to win this game.”

Vince Folston, senior wide-receiver, blocked two field goals. Crandall said, “It’s been tough for Vince this year since he really does not play much. He did a great job of just doing his job and knowing his role today and is a big reason we won the game.”

Tabor averages 400 yards in the offense per game, and the Builders’ defense held them to 171 yards. Crandall said, “We really dominated them defensively. Walker, Mata, Perez, and Higuera all played amazing. Seaba had his best game of the year. The whole defense just played a great game.”

Crandall said that the freshmen continued to grow and played a good game. “I really think that the freshmen on both sides of the ball played well. They have developed so much from the first week. We just had to let them grow up, they came to play.”

Crandall said the tackling by his defense was much improved this week. “The defense played lights out. We tackled our tails off and the tough field position our defense was put in never bothered them.”

The coaches made some risky, but exciting and big play calls. Crandall said, “On that third and short we just decided to pick on the smaller corner. I knew that I was going to go for it if we didn’t make it. Kistler just went up and made a huge catch and it really stomped on Tabors head.”

It was third down and 13 for the Builders in the fourth quarter, and they were up by 13 points. Instead of just being conservative and running it up the middle, the builders elected to call a wide receiver reverse to Skylor Kistler, senior wide-receiver, who took it for a touchdown. Crandall said, “We wanted to get the ball to a play maker. He made two guys miss and took it to the house, huge play.”

The Builders had a new formation Saturday out of the shotgun that worked well. Crandall said, “We wanted to figure out what we do well. We are strong in tailbacks and they blocked well. We need to make some adjustments, but I do like this formation a lot.”

Paul Mata, senior linebacker, a big game. Mata said, “Everyone stuck to their assignments all game and it allowed me to shoot the gap. I have to give all the credit to my teammates.”

Mata said that they had nothing to lose this game. “No one in the country thought we could win this game. We just practiced like we always do and we felt no pressure. We had nothing to lose and we went out there and executed.”

While the defense had a great game, there is always room for improvement. Mata said, “We can get better at forcing turnovers as a defense and just other little things, but right now we just need to celebrate and really soak in this great win.”

Kistler had a huge game offensively and scored two late touchdowns to seal the game. Kistler said, “They were running zone coverage, so I knew it would be tough to get big plays for me. But, we stuck to the game plan and I was able to make big plays. We practiced great all week and when we play at our best we can beat anyone.”

Kistler said that this win opened the eyes to the rest of the KCAC teams. “When we play our game we can beat the best. We just beat the number three team in the nation. I want to give a huge shout out to our defense. They played a heck of a game.”

Kistler said that he thinks people should not fall asleep on them in the KCAC race. “Everyone has been beating everyone and this game put us right in the race. We just need to continue to play our game and we will have a chance.”

The Builders travel to Lindsborg on Oct. 11 to take on the Bethany Swedes. Kick-off is set to be at 1:30 p.m.

Jacob Jimmerson is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at