By Hayley Weston-McClain
Staff reporter

Southwestern College football team will represent the Builder nation this week when they take on Northwestern (Iowa). The Raiders went 9-2 last year and are ranked 14 in the 2012 NAIA football coaches’ top 25.

Andy Krause, defensive coordinator said, “The defense will run plays at the offense, and force the opposing team to stop them.” The team will rely on Garrett Mangrum, defensive line junior, to double team the offense. “We think he’s the guy for it, we think he’s one of the best defensive linemen,” said Krause.

Of course Mangrum isn’t the only one who makes Krause feel optimistic about the defensive side of the team. Almost all of the defensive starters played for them last year and have improved. “They all deserve recognition,” said Krause.

Ken Crandall, head football coach, said, “We are more evenly matched with them than the way we played, and what the score showed. We just have to stop the big plays.” Some key players such as Tanner Strohl, running back sophomore, and Braden Myles, wide receiver freshman, have been injured in the pre-season practices, but most should return before the Bethel game.

“The toss up is between who will start at quarterback. Jordan Barrett, senior quarterback, has been injured in the past and Brady May, sophomore quarterback, has done a ‘stand-up job’ as well,” said Crandall.

The team is very united on the goals they have set for themselves this season. “My goal for the team is to have our first winning season since 2003 and to win a KCAC Championship,” said Barrett.

With the purple and white scrimmage in the rearview mirror, the team sets their sight towards Iowa and playing their best. The game will be broadcasted on the internet and it can be found on the Southwestern athletic webpage.

 Hayley Weston-McClain is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at