By Jonahs Joudrey
Staff reporter

The search is on for the next Moundbuilders’ head football coach. The search committee expects to fill the position before Christmas. David Denly, director of athletics, is the chair of the search committee which includes faculty, administrators and a couple of coaches.

Dick Merriman, president, said, “They received a lot of applications that are still coming in. They have done an initial screening and are doing phone interviews to determine which two or three are the best fit. Our intention is to have someone hired and announce the hiring of the new coach before Christmas.”

Merriman said that the search committee received an “avalanche” of applications. Merriman said, “I’m sure that we got north of 100 applications.”

Merriman said, “There are a number of people searching for a scarce career. There has been a lot of interest with people that have good coaching experience. It’s not as if they are delusional. Many of them are well qualified on paper. The trick is determining who will be a fit here, who can balance the athletic side with the academic side.”

Ken Crandall, head football coach, resigned Nov. 18. Crandall spent eight seasons leading the Builder football program. His teams posted an overall record of 25-59.

Crandall said, “I would like to say thank you to the faculty, staff and students at SC. Our family has truly enjoyed the relationship that we have built here over the last 8 years.”

A press release announcing Crandall’s resignation is posted on

Crandall met with his team Nov. 18 in the locker room to tell them that he was resigning as head coach.

LaRide Conerly, sophomore defensive tackle, said, “We had a meeting with Crandall. They said that they decided to go a different direction with the football program.”

Conerly said that it was a sad moment in the locker room.

Crandall said, “I think the relationship that I have built with our players for the eight years are amazing and will last a long time. I think some guys were upset, but they are a strong great group of guys that will bounce back and do a great job for the rest of their time at SC.”

After Crandall’s announcement, Denly met with the team.  Conerly said, “David Denly came into the office after the coach made his announcement. Denly just talked about how it’s a business. We need to bring someone who can bring this team back to a championship team. Denly said that he’s going to talk to the team and spend some time before he chooses a coach.”

Merriman said, “There are a lot of students affected by the new coach, as well as coaches, faculty members, and people in the community. Our hope is to get some of the candidates here next week. We want to do it right, so we are paying attention. Our goal is to let members of the team to be involved in the process.”

As for Crandall, he’s not sure about future possibilities. “There’s nothing right now, just searching for the next opportunity.”

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