By Bailey VenJohn
Staff reporter

Southwestern got some national attention this week after Joe Vargas, senior wide receiver, made the game-winning catch in Saturday’s homecoming game.

The clip was sent into ESPN in hopes of being televised. Scott Nuss, sports information director, took charge in sending the video to ESPN.

Nuss and the producers of ESPN had been in contact since sending in the clip. Monday afternoon Nuss received an email saying that they didn’t want to spoil anything but be prepared to see a lot of Joe Vargas on our show.

Nuss said, “I just kind of had a feeling that I needed to do this, as soon as the game was over I asked Kyle for the clip. I just had a feeling this is something that depending on ESPN’s mood had a chance to be on TV.”

ESPN’s mood proved to be in the Builders favor as the play made its way into the Great 8 feature on ESPNU.

The Great 8 show is set up in a bracket. Two plays are put up against each other and are voted on which one is better. The better of the two proceeds to the next round until it comes down to the championship.

Joe Vargas’ play beat out plays from University of Alabama, BYU, and Colorado State. Vargas’ play won this week so it moves onto next week where it will take on the winner of that bracket. As long as his play keeps receiving votes his play stays on.

Kyle Killgore, communication senior, shot the video featured on ESPN. Killgore said, “I never thought it would come that way. I thought if it ever happened it’d be several years down the road not the Southwestern football team but, it was cool,” about his video being shown.

The event made quite an impact on the college. Students and administration alike were excited about the attention Joe Vargas was bringing to the campus.

“It cracked me up. Honestly, there’s a lot of support around it, there’s a lot of support on this campus. I think it’s a good thing, it got the school buzzing about something,” said Killgore about the college’s reaction.

Students blew up twitter with the hashtag Joe Vargas, they even got the hashtag trending. There were even suggestions of making it known as Joe Vargas day and retiring his jersey.

“It can’t go on forever but it was fun while it lasted. You don’t get to hear your name on ESPN very often. It was great for the school,” said Scott.

Bailey VenJohn is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at