By Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

The Builder football team lost to the Falcons 36-30 inside the Adair Austin Stadium. The Builders almost came from behind after being down by 24 points.

The Builders started slow during the initial minutes of the first quarter. Friends University Falcons quickly jumped on top of the scoreboard scoring a field goal and putting the first three points of the night up. The Builders answered with a touchdown from Spencer Pullen, sophomore running back, and turned the score to their favor 6-3 as their extra point kick was blocked.

The first quarter ended with the Builders doubling the Falcons.

For the second quarter, the Builders were shut down by the Falcons’ defense. The Builders’ defense did not decipher the Falcons’ offense as they permitted 27 points.

The score at half-time showed the Falcons dominating 30-6.

During the third quarter, the Builders came out ready to get closer scoring 10 points. The defense did not let the Falcons score a single point as they shut it down during the entire quarter. It  was the only quarter the Falcons did not score.

The Builders scored 14 in the final quarter. This was the quarter they scored the most points. It was not enough as they fell short by six points.

Pullen scored twice by rushing. Grant Trembly, senior wide receiver, and C.J. Marple, junior tight end received the ball in the in zone to give the builders 12 points.

Brady May, senior quarterback, had 224 yards. May attempted 40 passes completing only 16 of them and throwing two interceptions.

With this loss, the Builders stand 1-1 in the KCAC. The Builders will now prepare to face Tabor on Oct. 5. This will be the second game in a row the Builders play away.

Angel Vadillo is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at