By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

This Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in Richardson Arts Center the musical theater ensemble class will put on Builder Broadway.

It is the variety show of the year.

Nikia Smith, theater sophomore, said “We work on different selections as a group and different selections as soloists throughout the semester.”

Roger Moon associate theater and speech worked with the performers on their acting abilities while they sang their songs.

He said, “The students chose songs from ‘Spamalot,’ ‘Wicked,’ ‘Avenue Q,’ ‘Rent,’ ‘Spring awakening,’ and ‘Next to Normal.’’

Jordan Hill, psychology junior said that many people in the theater department love to sing and that this is an opportunity where they can combine their singing and acting skills.

He said, “For theater people it’s good to have somewhere, where we can practice singing and theater at the same time.”

Smith and Hill both have high hopes about what the audience members take away from the performance.

Smith said, “This time I really hope that my skills that I have learned and the techniques that I have learned as a singer and an actress put together entertain the audience.”

Hill said, “I hope they see that it’s a class and a group that is heavily involved and has a lot of talent.”

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