Peter Riley, fire fighter, inspects pendaflour lights that sparked on fire during a chapel planning meeting at the Messenger Auditorium. (Jonathan Woon/Collegian photographer)

By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

A small fire sparked off the pendaflour lights on the ceiling of Messenger Auditorium during a chapel planning meeting noon.

A loud frequency interference-like noise was heard before the fire. The small fire saw sparks falling off the ceiling and the pendaflour glowing as tough it was about to become a bigger fire. John Badley, graduate assistant of the Institute of Discipleship was present at the meeting and quickly reached for the switches and turned off the lights as other members of the meeting fearfully witnessed the flame. As soon as Badley got the switch, the flame stopped.

Tiffany Rae, religion and philosophy junior, was also present and witnessed the light spark in flames. She said, “I looked up and said to myself that I don’t think the lights should be glowing that color.”

Immediately after the incident, Martin Rude, director of worship outreach, and Badley called the fire department. Ten minutes later, the fire department arrived and inspected the pendaflour lights.

Peter Riley, firefighter, said, “They had a light that got hot and caused some possible flames. I advise them to fix it before they turn them back on.”

No one was injured. Messenger Auditorium will be locked until the issue is fixed.

Jonathan Woon is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at