By Amber Hart
Staff reporter

Brandon Blackburn is the new band director for Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Jazz Combo. Blackburn’s first concert was Oct. 23. The concert was the first fall band concert of the season. It was the premiere performance for the new director.

Blackburn is fresh out of college. He got a master’s of Music Performance in Percussion Performance at Arizona State University.

“As a student, I connect very well with Brandon since he is a percussionist as I am,” said James Conner, instrumental performance and composition freshman.

Blackburn had noted that the band has been working extremely hard in the last two weeks to get ready for this concert. And as he predicted, the concert went well.

“In the previous years, band hasn’t been as energetic, but since Blackburn, it has been more energetic in the students and director,” said Tanner Seidel, music and business junior.

This is the first institution that Blackburn has worked at. He has volunteered at a few different places and taught lessons and master classes, but he has never had the responsibilities like what he has to handle here.

“The quarter has gone well. There is nothing that I would like to change or do differently,” said Blackburn. “After all, this has been a learning process and there is nothing to look down on.”

“I believe that there is nothing that he could do differently.” said Seidel. “He is exactly what this program needs. He gives a great boost that the students need.”

While being at Southwestern for a short amount of time, Blackburn and some of his students have already learned some things.

“I’ve learned that each student responds differently to different situations and how I approach each individual to address each situation affects the outcome greatly,” said Blackburn.

“Blackburn gets things done and has fun while doing it,” said Connor. “He connects well with the class and does an excellent job. Also, he is freshly out of college and around our age so it makes things easier to connect with him.”

Blackburn is full of energy and drive towards his students and learns in the process of teaching them.

Amber Hart is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at