By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

With so much competition, it might appear difficult for a blog to stand out. One blog takes measures by targeting its audience with a second book, titled, “Who What Wear: The How-to-Handbook for Any Style Situation.” This book includes a small spectrum from the blog.

The creators and authors, Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, of the Los Angeles-based website guide women through “what to wear in numerous situations.” The guide includes funerals, walking the dog, the opera, first dates, meeting the boyfriend’s parents and school activities. Each situation has a unique photo illustration along with a detailed how-to description. The book is filled with 50 events, 100 looks and endless inspirations for the everyday woman.

Traditionally, “Who What Wear” is a website focusing more on celebrity fashion and who is wearing what and where. Their first book hit the book stands in late 2010 with the focus targeting celebrity fashion. The second book is aimed at the average woman, expanding their coverage.

Although most of the illustrations appear to showcase high-fashion pieces, the clothing features affordable brands and stores. In addition to clothing suggestions, the book gives how-to advice on make-up and pairing of accessories. As a person who solely lives by shopping for a bargain, this book helps with finding locations to nearly affordable stores.

As a woman living in area that is not considered “high-fashion,” I found this book to be very useful in particular situations. One of my favorite situations included wedding appropriate attire. The book gave a clear representation of the perfect dress to wear whether you are a guest, bridesmaid, or just wedding crashing. This part also shows hairstyles and how to properly accessorize.

Another situation that caught my attention was work-ready attire. What I liked the most about this section is how the authors differentiate between what is appropriate, but also make it clear that while going to work is serious, dressing up certain outfits can make going to work fun.

This book also featured funny situations, or rather unthinkable situations: such as going to a funeral, walking a pet, and a hiking trip. These and much situations grabbed my attention because for one, I would have never thought about it and two because it shows a wide variety of situations.

In addition, this book was an easy read. The pages being filled with art and photography made the book a fast read. Even though this book doesn’t target the male, it would make a good birthday present for a sister, girlfriend or even co-worker.

This book is available at Barnes and Noble and can be found on Amazon. Trust me; if you don’t already know what to wear to every event or place you can think of, then you won’t feel like you wasted your money on this one.

Alejandra Rojas is senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at

Edited by Paige Carswell.