By Josh Dolmage
Staff reporter

“We are hoping students will think a few days ahead, rather than a few minutes ahead,” said Dick Merriman, president.  This is one of many reasons why the Book Cave will be closing today.

“The Book Cave is being vacated right now and a college store will take its place.  The new store will sell dorm foods, such as microwaveable meals.  It will also have some Southwestern clothing,” said Merriman.  “This will be more efficient and students can use their meal credits there still, just as in the Java Jinx.”

After the Book Cave has vacated the area, the Java Jinx will move downstairs.   The new college store will have tables like the Java Jinx does now.  Wraps, hot dogs and some grilled food will be available.  A wider range of services will be provided.  Students can study or just relax.  They will also be able get something to eat at times besides the usual cafeteria hours.  The new clothing line will have more selections and variety.  This includes having different brands to choose from.

Jason VenJohn will be in charge of keeping the new store stocked.  VenJohn said the store will officially open January 1.  However, he will sell merchandise during homecoming week and is hoping to have a link on the school website by February so that people can purchase merchandise online.  When asked if he thinks this transition will be a success, VenJohn said, “Yes.  I have more say of what brands will be sold and what merchandise.  We’ve been selling a couple of t-shirts already and are hoping to sell Dry Fit shirts, sweatshirts, and more t-shirts.  By January we are hoping to have more memorabilia, sweats, pins and polos.  Students can request merchandise and so far we’ve had a really good response to that.”  Anyone who has requests on new merchandise can e-mail VenJohn at

Another major change will be the fact that students will no longer be able to purchase their books in the new store.  Students can buy their books from MBS Direct starting next semester.  It will work like this: go online, type in your classes for the next semester, and MBS Direct will automatically fill up a “shopping cart” with books the student’s need for those classes.  The student will then have a chance to purchase those books online through the company.  Merriman said that those books will be cheaper.  “I noticed that many of the upperclassman would go into the Book Cave and write down the books that they need and then go online and purchase the books.  Since we loan every student a laptop, we think that this will be more efficient.”

With purchasing online, students can sell books back through MBS Direct.  Students will e-mail MBS Direct a list of books they want to sell back.  MBS Direct will send an e-mail reply with the amount that they are willing to pay for the books.

However, it gets even easier than that.  “For those students that would prefer to sell them in person and get cash back, we will have someone come in at the end of the semester and buy the books,” said Merriman. “The whole purpose of the change is to benefit the students.”

Travis Thurau, business administration junior, thinks that ordering books online is the smart choice.  “I always order my books online because it is cheaper.  Not being able to buy books in the book store doesn’t really affect me.  I’m more excited for the new clothing.  It sounds cool and I will probably be in the new store more than the old one.  As for the food, I don’t care what they do because I don’t eat at the Java Jinx.  I think the cafeteria food is way better,” said Thurau. “I think that this will help make our lives easier.”
Josh Dolmage is a junior majoring in communication.  You may e-mail him at