(Keilah Chambers/Special to the Collegian)

(Keilah Chambers/Special to the Collegian)

By Keilah Chambers
Staff reporter

Kenneth Boerger served in the Air Force for four years as a surgery technician. During that time his rank was an airman first class. Boerger served at both Vance Air Force base located in Enid, Okla. and Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. His favorite memory was when he and some of his Air Force friends climbed a mountain in Alaska.

Boerger said, “The military taught me to appreciate the little things in my life.”

Before joining, Boerger had worked at Boeing with an interest in electronics. By joining the Air Force, Boerger aimed to make a lifelong career in electronics.

During his time in the military, he learned surgery techniques and got a chance to use that skill.

The Air Force chose the field of surgery as the area he would work in. He performed many surgeries, including a c-section before it was common option for women.

He remembered a soldier who was accidently ran over by a tank. The body was severely damaged and the soldier needed immediate surgery.

After the doctors did everything they could do, he died. After being dead for an hour and a half, “Another doctor came in and tried to revive him one more time. The soldier then started breathing again.

Boerger learned through his service in the Air Force that it is important to be ready to lay your life on the line to protect American freedom. The discipline he learned helped him to be a better person and to teach others to be concerned for the welfare of others.

He said that every person should experience life in the military even if it’s just for four years. The opportunities to learn new skills and physical discipline is unlike any other institution.

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