By Hannah Watkins
Staff reporter

Working hard to organize an event to save lives has been the primary focus for a few of the members of Leadership Southwestern these past few weeks.

Rebecca Bustraan, biochemistry/pre-med freshman, is one of the primary organizers of the blood drive.

“We’re trying to get 40 people to donate this year,” said Bustraan, “Only 25 donated last year, which is a tiny amount compared to the size of campus. We want to really make a difference.”

The blood drive will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Nov. 17 in Wroten Hall. The Red Cross and Leadership Southwestern have been working hard to ensure the drive goes according to plan.

“As of right now, we have been focusing on getting the word out about the blood drive. We are working hard on advertising, as well as working on having snacks and lunch for students who come in to donate,” said Bustraan.

While it’s easier for the Red Cross staff, students aren’t required to make appointments. “You can just walk in and give,” said Bustraan.

For some students, donating is complicated. A student cannot donate if they have been to certain countries recently, or if they’ve gotten a tattoo or piercing recently, or if they are on certain medications, or even if they don’t meet the weight requirement.

For Cristelle Tejes, communication freshman, this is one of her primary worries. “I’ve never given blood before, but I want to. It depends on if I meet the height and weight requirements,” said Tejes.

There are many different standards students must meet before they can donate, and as Bustraan said, “Only 10 percent of people who can donate, do.”

Courtney Watson, psychology freshman, also hopes to donate for the cause. “I’ve only donated blood one time, but I hope to do it again this year, as long as I don’t have a basketball game that day.”

Donating blood can make a person feel weak, dizzy, or tired for the rest of the day. It’s important that students eat foods with lots of iron, such as dark green, leafy vegetables, as well as drink fluid throughout the entire day.

Hannah Watkins is a communication freshman. You may e-mail her at