ABOVE: Tanner Carlson, senior majoring in communication, prepares to have his blood drawn. Many first time and experienced volunteers showed up to donate their blood for a good cause. (Cale Eirich/Staff photographer)

By Cale Eirich

Staff reporter

Students and members of the community congregated to Wroten Hall Wednesday to donate and make an impact. The blood drive, aided by Southwestern students, took place between 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. Athletic training students helped assist nurses in drawing blood, along with checking in volunteers and gathering information such as their height, weight, and blood pressure. Many volunteers came in and did their part in helping with the blood drive, with a consistent circulation of donations throughout the day.

Walk-ins sign in to donate blood for the blood drive. The blood drive took place on Wednesday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Nurses at the blood drive collecting blood and catalog the samples. Students and members of the community showed up to donate their blood.
Kara Gregory, freshman majoring in Biology, has her blood drawn by a nurse. Nurses took extra precautions for volunteers that had side-effects from having their blood drawn.
Volunteers wait patiently to donate their blood. Before having their blood drawn volunteers had to fill out information forms.
Students squeeze a ball to promote blood flow and make the process of drawing blood easier. Nurses waited attentively as volunteers gave blood.
Tanner Carlson, communications senior, speaks with the nurse before having his blood drawn. This was Carlson's first time giving blood.
Athletic trainers volunteer in assisting the nurses while drawing blood. The process of drawing the blood took around 10 minutes.