By Will Rosson
Staff reporter

For eight years Blink-182 fans have been waiting for a new album. During those years, we got to see the band call it quits and form other bands, clothing lines and reality television shows. Tragic losses affected all three members of Blink-182, the group that paved the way for many punk rock bands.

However, the wait was over as Blink-182 released their sixth studio album “Neighborhoods” on Tuesday.

Blink-182 separated in 2005. The three members of the group all achieved individual success from other bands and producing music and clothing lines. With the passing of the band’s frequent producer Jerry Finn, the band members started trying to rebuild their friendship in August of 2008. The following month, a plane crash involving Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker took the lives of close friends of the band, while Barker and Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ AM, suffered severe burns. The crash served as a wake-up call to Blink-182 about how precious life is.

At the 51st Grammy Awards on February 2009, Blink-182 appeared together on stage for the first time in nearly four years saying, “We used to play music together, and we’re going to play music together again. Blink-182 is back.”

As a Blink-182 fan, I remember standing up and screaming during that moment.

Due to commitments to other bands and productions, the sixth album took a little longer than usual to record. Another unexpected tragedy occurred as the album started being recorded. In September of 2009, Adam Goldstein, one of the two survivors from the plan crash that claimed the lives of five other men, died from an accidental overdose. Goldstein was a very close friend to the band. The loss really took a hard hit on Blink-182 members, as well as the music world.

After setbacks of record schedules and the cancelling of tours, the album is finally finished. “Neighborhoods” is definitely a must buy for any Blink-182 fan, or for any fan of the punk and alternative genre of music.

The album shows how they still retain their classic sound from the previous 15 years, plus what they have learned while they all went their separate ways forming other successful bands. The first single, “Up All Night,” shows that they want to prove they can still sound classic and original at the same time.

However, it is the other songs on the album that really make it worth the buy. My favorites include “Ghost on the Dance Floor” and “This Is Home.” Both have catchy melodies, which is something that every Blink-182 fan expects.

I absolutely love this album, and it was worth the eight year wait. “Snake Charmer” is the most unique song featured on the album. With the lyrics clearly relating to the story of Adam and Eve, the music melody in the song is nothing like the rest heard on the album.

The history behind the album, the album’s artwork dedicating it to their lost friends and family over recent years and the 14 new songs score a perfect 10 out of 10. Blink-182 is back, and they have proven it with this album.

Will Rosson is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at