By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

Last year 226 million people participated in Black Friday. This year’s retailers expect even more shoppers to participate.

Black Friday is a family tradition for Marissa Stadler, marine biology freshman. She has been going with her mother and family friends for six years.

Initially, it was to get cheaper things for Christmas. Then, her mother started needing help. The shops her mother went to started opening up at different times. Her mother started buying more gifts and the crowds stared getting worse. Her mother needed an extra person to help her hit up all the stores with the Christmas gifts she needed to get.

Stadler said, “It was basically a recruitment. We start looking at pre-ads to see what we want, but most of the ads don’t come until Thanksgiving.”

“We went to Menard’s one year, three hours before it opened. There was like 400 to 500 people waiting outside. They were getting pissed at waiting so long for stuff so they were pressing up against the glass and the glass was bowing in. The store had to open three hours early because they were afraid the glass was going to break,” said Stadler.

Stadler said, “My very first black Friday I babysat all summer and saved up to buy my first laptop. It cost me $400. The computer originally cost $800.”

Polly Gorman, biology freshman, started going shopping with her family on Black Friday last year. She plans to go again this year.

Gorman said, “I got my phone for a $1 with a two-year contract and it was supposed to be $200. Me, my mom, and brother all got phones for $1.”

Not every American has bought into the hype of Black Friday. Jessica Johnson, history freshman, doesn’t feel that waiting in line in the cold is a good enough reason to do Black Friday.

“I want to experience it, just to see what people put their selves into. I feel like it’s too crazy to even attempt for the sales, whereas you could get something just as cheap throughout the entire season,” said Johnson.

Elijah Gutierrez, philosophy and religious studies freshman, shopped during Black Friday once two years ago with his family. “We wanted a TV for our house and video games at the time,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez now shops during Cyber Monday. “It’s a lot easier than Black Friday for sure. You don’t have to literally fight for things with people. You just click a button,” said Gutierrez.

Maggie Dunning is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at