Black Friday is traditionally a day for sales and good deals.

Samantha Skaggs, philosophy & religion and business freshman, said she enjoys Black Friday shopping. “I go shopping at Best Buy and Target very early in the morning,” said Skaggs. Christmas presents are usually what Skaggs and her mother are shopping for. “I like all the good prices,” said Skaggs.

However, shopping isn’t always on the agenda for some people. Black Friday is actually spent in a variety of ways.

Megan Bustraan, nursing junior, said she doesn’t go shopping on Black Friday. “We eat Thanksgiving food. Grandma starts making it into other things. The turkey becomes chicken enchiladas,” said Bustraan.

The reasons for not going Black Friday shopping can vary.

Justine Anthony, early childhood education freshman, said she doesn’t go shopping either. “I like to sleep in,” said Anthony.

On the other hand, there are always a few brave souls willing to get up early enough to enjoy the early bird specials.

Black Friday is enjoyed in all kinds of ways. Some people just have different reasons for doing their various activities.

“We don’t like to compete with the people that can run faster than us,” said Bustraan.

Maggie Collett is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at