By Kyle Hernandez
Staff reporter

For a lot of people, shopping is like a sport. Black Friday can be very competitive. It’s a day where you can act like a total idiot in front of everyone.

Victor Hernandez, a Walmart pharmacist, has nothing against Black Friday. It is the start to his favorite time of year. “I work for Walmart so of course I like Black Friday because it will drive my stock prices up,” said Hernandez. He doesn’t usually work on Black Friday and would rather not participate unless it’s something he really wants. “I notice there are a lot negative thoughts from the people who participating so I refuse to contribute,” said Hernandez.

April Oharah, a returning Black Friday shopper, enjoys the event and gets all of her Christmas shopping done on this day and also shops online. “There are many great deals, some greater than others and I save money,” said, Oharah. She attends Walmart, JC Penny and Toys R Us. She has never had any luck at Toys R Us in the past. “Lines are over a half mile long,” said, Oharah. She eventually gives up.

Cassie Ponce, someone who is not intrigued with Black Friday and has only attended a few times. “I’d rather stay home and not get shoved around,” said Ponce. She recalls being shoved to the ground one time. “I ended up getting trampled,” said Ponce. After that experience, she has never really went out and shopped on Black Friday. Instead she participates in online shopping. “I end up finding great deals,” said Ponce.

Black Friday can be competitive and dangerous at times but on the bright side it does save people quite a bit of money. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days in America.

Kyle Hernandez is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at