Bishop Wilke spoke to Chapel about finding each one's unique calling. (Jonathan Woon/Collegian photographer)

By Cristelle Tejes
Staff reporter

Bishop Wilke is a retired Bishop in the United Methodist Church. He retired in Arkansas but is originally from Kansas and is the bishop-in-residence here. Ashlee Alley, director of campus ministry, said.“I have known him for years. It has been several years since I invited him to speak in chapel, so I wanted him to have an opportunity to preach and for students to have an opportunity to hear him.” Bishop Wilke is a widely-respected leader and author of Disciple Bible Study, a best-selling bible study curriculum.

Bishop Wilke is Joel Wilke’s grandfather. Joel’s wife Lindsay Wilke works at Southwestern as the assistant director of Leadership. Lindsay Wilke said, “Dick has endless enthusiasm. To him, everything is an exciting opportunity. He claps, whoops, and cheers for everything, and he has been known to say that a glass of water is ‘the best water he has ever tasted in his life’.”  He has used all of his life and his many gifts and talents to make a difference in the world and to serve others. “That is truly admirable,” said Wilke.

“My favorite memory with him is when we played doubles ping pong together, and we crushed my husband and sister-in-law. He has mad ping pong skills. HE is an amazing xylophone player. Every Christmas he tickles the ivory by playing Silent Night on the xylophone.” said Wilke.

Molly Komlofske, philosophy and religion senior, said, “Bishop Wilke spoke in Chapel on Wednesday Oct. 26, in Messenger Hall. His sermon was titled ‘Who are You?’”

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