By Korie Hawkins
Staff reporter

In most basketball movies the most profound moment is when the player goes up to shoot and hits the game winning shot. The inspirational music comes on, and the athletes celebrate in slow motion.

Have you pushed pause?

The lights, the jumbotron capturing every sweat drop you and your teammates may share, fans cheering at the top of their lungs, media, cheerleaders rushing the floor to congratulate you. The venue is what I’m referring to. There’s something about a huge arena and a freshly waxed basketball gym floor that gets my adrenaline going.

Dr. Scott Crawford, commissioner of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference and the conference Governing Council decided to schedule the championships games of the KCAC tournament at Hartman Arena this year.

Normally the final game is played at the top team’s gym. The arena would be considered a neutral site for both men’s and women’s teams to compete against one another. This is drastic change for the KCAC.

This change could potentially change how we look at the entire atmosphere of the KCAC tournament. The change of venue could provide a platform for the KCAC to stand out among other NAIA schools. KCAC schools compete to get to the national tournament. This should only encourage coaches to want their teams on an arena floor.

The arena setting shows promise for attendance, publicity, and revenue. On Monday night, Kansas Wesleyan defeated Sterling 74-59 to win the women’s tournament championship. Sterling beat McPherson 77-62 score to win the men’s tournament championship.

Let’s hope Southwestern gets to the big arena next year.

Korie Hawkins is a senior majoring in journalism. You may e-mail her at