Jonahs Joudrey
Staff reporter

With fall approaching quickly, the Leadership team is preparing for some serious fundraising. And it all goes for a good cause.

The Fall Cleanup fundraiser will start in October. It is a community driven fundraiser modeled after the success of Spring Cleanup. This will be the first year the Leadership team introduces the Fall Cleanup.

This year’s Fall Cleanup is all donation based and funded through different residents of the community. It’s open to all who would like help. Essentially, patrons may request a slew of different jobs, from leaf-raking to wood polishing. Each job usually lasts between two to four hours depending on the job

Lindsay Wilke, Assistant Director of Leadership, explained that the purpose of this year’s fundraisers are to fund a service mission trip to Ireland and other Leadership activities. “All funds go directly into the student’s Leadership account” said Wilke. These funds can be used for all Leadership projects that the student chooses, but most of the money is elected to fund the service mission.

For the service mission, each student should raise about $2000. Fundraising is entirely up to student motivation. The jobs, for the most part, have been plentiful and are dibbed case by case. In the past, most students fairly simply are able to raise the amount of funds necessary and rarely need to dip into their own wallet.

For a lot of students, the service mission trip is an exciting opportunity to get out and explore. Shawn Pancoast, accounting junior, has worked hard for his trip. “I’ve never been out of the country,” said Pancoast, “I’m really excited”. Last year, Leadership members got to stay in hostels, experience home-stays and participate in other culturally intriguing activities.

Leadership doesn’t plan on much difficulty getting community support. After the success of the last years Spring Cleanup, the Leadership team received high interest from supporters. Wilke anticipates lots of repeat customers.

The Leadership team plans on advertising in the Jinx Tale, a press release to the Courier, and on-campus awareness. Additionally, Leadership reaches out to repeat supporters and Alumni through postcards as well as through local churches.

The fundraisers from last year proved to be successful. Sara Peck, biology senior, remembers using her funds for last year’s service mission in Virginia. “We worked with a non-profit called Equa-Kids that used horse therapy to help children” said Peck. This year, she’s considering using some of her funds for a Leadership senior project.

Keep your eyes peeled for more fundraising this year. The first event, SC’s Garage Sale, will take place Sept. 17 to Sept. 21. It will be at 821 Gary St.

Leadership also plans Roses in the Rafters on Valentine’s Day, The Road Race in April, and Spring Cleanup. Look for more information on these coming soon.

Jonahs Joudrey is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at