By RJ Schnack
Guest writer

A must see movie that I have recently seen was This Means War. It is full of comedy and action, personally two of my favorite things. The plot is that two best friends (Chris Pine & Tom Hardy) have fallen for the same girl.

Before I forget they are also government spies. Neither one wants to effect their friendship so they decide they will let the girl make the choice on who she wants to date. The girl (Reese Witherspoon) has been single for quite awhile and is dating both of them to get back in the swing of things. However, she has no clue that they both know one another. There are a lot of funny scenes with them competing with one another when they are on their dates. They even try to mess each other’s dates up to make them look better. Since they were spies they also used special force to find out everything they could about her for when they decided to go on a date with her.

From my view point I think it is better than the movie the Vow and my girlfriend could even contest to that. It just has more upbeat and the ending of the movie is strong. Also for all the ladies who like guys with accents Tom Hardy is definitely the guy for you. Overall this is a movie you do not want to miss.