By Pete Moye’
Staff reporter
Very seldom, do we as college students stop and relish the idea that we are able to use the excuse of college as a valid reason for things we probably shouldn’t do but get away with anyway.
Despite the majority of students in college being legal of age, whether you see it as 18 or 21, often we are still looked at as “kids,” and generally given the excuse “it’s okay because you’re in college.”
College, more so than anything is, is a huge developmental period. For some, it’s a transitional period. It can be the first time they’ve ever left home. For others, it can be the next milestone in a tremendous academic career.
No matter how you describe it, it’ll be correct because, well you’re in college.  At most colleges, it is generally frowned upon when students show up to class the next day hung over. But you can get away with it. Why? Because you’re in college.
Many of us know in the work force that would fly just as much as the extinct and flightless Dodo bird. Even the simplest thing such as procrastination is given leeway. Often times, we use the excuses of balancing multiple class, playing a sport or other activities to give us credibility.
However, when it’s time to grow up, typically your employer doesn’t care much about your personal life. So for the moment, it’s ok because you’re in college.
Now this shouldn’t be a realization to just completely discard all rational decisions and push the envelope as far as possible. It should also be looked at as the opportunity to achieve great things.
You should take part in the opportunities to network socially, join fraternities and exceed in your academics. You should begin to assume responsibility for your actions and make all the right decisions.
Take advantage of the opportunity of being in college. Allow yourself to grow and expand as a productive member of society.
Develop skills that will be beneficial beyond this academic institution. Rather than looking at this at a four-year (or more) mandatory sentence, enjoy the opportunity because well, you’re in college.
Pete Moye’ is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at