By Katie Vorderstrasse
Staff reporter

Love can be found in a click of a button. With the advances of technology, people find it easier to meet new people online rather than in person. The intimidation of being rejected in person is much greater.

There are several advantages and disadvantages when using online dating. Being behind a computer screen a person is able to say whatever they want to say. This gives the person several minutes to think of what to say. They are then able to use the backspace key if not worded correctly. Unlike in person, words cannot be erased.

If you decide to chat with strangers online, you need to be careful. With the inability of seeing the person, you could be talking to someone completely different than what you think. It is somewhat as if they are wearing a mask. For instance, you could be talking to a 50 year-old man when he says he is 21.

You should never meet someone you just met online in a private setting. Go to a mutual place. You should also never drink or eat something they made.

This happened to a Wichita lady a couple of weeks ago. She met the man using craigslist. They meet at the local Quick Trip and went back to his apartment. She then drank a drink he prepared for her and passed out. The guy abused and raped the woman. This is just one incident that happened. However, several more have occurred.

A popular lifetime movie called “The Craigslist Killer” is also about a murder that occurred while using the internet site craigslist.

Famous websites are now being used to gain relationships such as Facebook,,, and That’s just to name a few of the dating sites out there, not mentioning the religious chat sites such as Nowadays people are trying to find romance over the web.

Internet dating is not easy. It may include stepping out of your comfort zone. Glancing through several profiles to find prospective dates and ensuring their profile is appealing and has qualities worth getting to know. Although people might not say who they really are, there are those out there that are actually looking for that right someone. Some internet sites give that option by matching someone who is compatible with you.

Never reveal too much information about yourself. You have no idea who is reading it. Your boss may see information that you don’t want him to know. This may result in losing your job.

While using Facebook and other sites that involve using pictures, be aware of pictures that you post and ones that you could be tagged in. Some may be from that night you got a bit too crazy, or the time you decided to wear that skirt that was a bit too short. Just imagine what your boss would think if he saw that.

A useful tool to help your quest at romance over the web would be Skype. With this tool, you are able to see and talk with the person on the other side of the web. It also helps long distance relationships work. This includes your girlfriend,boyfriend, family members, etc.

At college, I use Skype all the time. It’s great for talking with old friends and family members.

Take things slow when meeting someone new online. The best relationships are the ones that develop over time.

When I was in the sixth grade my parents got a divorce. My dad was a single father until my sophomore year. That is when he meet Carmen online using yahoo. Surprisingly they went to church together for the past couple of years and didn’t even know each other. Also, Carmen’s children and I went to the same high school.

The first date was a little rocky since it was the first times they meet each other. They met at their high school football game. Reluctantly they went on another date and hit it off. The two only dated for six months and got married. They have been together ever since.

Personally, I have never thought about internet dating. This is because I am young and still in college. However, I do not find it a bad thing. If my Dad never met Carmen I would never have the wonderful step-mother that I have now.

There are several other relationships and marriages out there that have been created using the internet. I just want everyone to be safe when using the internet. You are never 100 percent sure who is on the other side of the screen and who is truly reading your information.

Katie Vorderstrasse is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at